Protests Continue Unabated In Face Of Police Violence

Police continue to be violent with peaceful protesters and troublemakers alike, regardless of the fact that they’re on candid camera for all the world to see. And the world is most definitely watching. International headlines are glued to the brutality being witnessed in the United States. Demonstrations have spread to other countries across the globe as the outcry continues. The question everyone is asking: Will this change anything at all?

Many have expressed hope that an inflection point has been reached in America, but the truth is much more sinister. Only half of Americans — i.e. the half that did not vote for a President Trump — believe in the validity of this movement, which itself could be brought down if coronavirus numbers spike after the typical one-to-two-week incubation period has been reached.

Coupled with an upcoming election which itself is likely to bring a great deal of turmoil in the United States, and you might have a recipe for change — but not peaceful change, like protesters have been promoting.

We never condone violence. We urge protesters to remain peaceful. Refrain from looting or vandalizing or becoming violent, even when police illegally become violent with you. 

In Downtown Los Angeles, protester Corey Jiannalone said, “I think everybody out here is excited, is enthusiastic and is motivated to fight for what we believe in, what we continue to believe in, and that’s equality for every single person that’s out here.”

Meanwhile, the ACLU is arguing that the curfew in Los Angeles (and other cities) is unconstitutional and in fact precipitate police violence.

The most unimaginable part of this is that scientific studies have been done by the dozens about how to peacefully deescalate situations that grow out of control. Essentially, you can successfully disperse people through peaceful interaction. Police are instead using militaristic tactics scientifically proven to escalate — rather than deescalate — tense or chaotic situations such as these.

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