What You Need To Know About Banksy

If you are wondering who Banksy is, stop your questioning right now. No one knows who Banksy is at the moment. This graffiti artist is based in England and also directs films and is politically active. Banksy could be one person or a group. One of the oldest Banksy rumors cited that “he” is actually a girl from a town in Alameda County, California, but no one really knows. There are plenty of theories about who Banksy is that are fun to explore.

Banksy creates street art that is often satirical in nature. The art is subversive and is a blend of black humor and graffiti that is executed in a distinctive technique of stenciling. You know when you see Banksy art. You can find it on walls, buildings, streets, and bridges and it is usually laced with social commentary.

Banksy’s art is considered underground and was supposedly inspired by the band Massive Attack. Some people think that one of the members of Massive Attack is actually Banksy. Banksy art has been spotted all over the world and there have been numerous exhibitions. People really want to know who Banksy is and there are always going to be lots of fictional accounts of seeing Banksy that are usually more fantastical than who Banksy really is.

Banksy art has an enduring appeal that commands huge prices and the prices keep going up and often sell for way over their reserve price. Banksy has won all sorts of awards and has produced videos that show artwork being painted and trips to various destinations. If you are interested in art and don’t about Banksy then you need to take a look at this groundbreaking art.

Art helps you see things in different ways and helps to open your eyes about what is going on in the world. Banksy art is very provocative and it hits you like a club. You can learn a lot from looking at Banksy art and it can help you learn more about the world.

It is probably better than nobody knows who Banksy it. It makes the art even more exciting and the secrecy leads to so many creative possibilities about who Banksy might be. The theories are going to always be there and maybe the identity of Banksy will be revealed at some point in time. Until then, people can enjoy trying to figure out who or what Banksy is and continue to enjoy the art no matter where it is found.

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