Extinction Rebellion Protesters Geared Up For Big Fight With Legislators Worldwide

Much of the news resulting from the Extinction Rebellion protests is coming out of the United Kingdom, but there are chapters in motion all over the world — including here at home in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Miami. A few days ago, protesters were spread out to impede Manchester’s Deansgate to shed light on what they believe are contradictions between policy and action. The city recently declared a climate emergency, but that hasn’t stopped it from putting into motion a big expansion of its airport.

The rebellion has experienced a bit of traction in recent days. 

Protesters gathered outside the offices of the New York Times newspaper a couple days ago because of next month’s Oil and Money conference scheduled to take place at the InterContinental Hotel in London. CEOs of big oil companies and moguls from OPEC are expected to attend the event.

In response to the noise made outside their offices, the New York Times quickly decided “to end its relationship with the Oil and Money conference,” according to a newspaper spokesperson.

She continued: “We want there to be no question of our independence or even potential appearance of a conflict of interest. Over the last several years [the New York Times] has significantly expanded its reporting on climate change and its impact, as well as broader investigative and explanatory coverage of energy and environmental policy.”

Another round of protests were quickly organized in response to the sweeping fires in the Amazon. “Act for the Amazon” protests swamped the Brazilian consulate in Miami. Extinction Rebellion Miami’s local coordinator, Nicholas Vazquez, said, “This is an international call to action. It’s the fire, but it’s also more. Brazil needs to end its deforestation project to prevent future desolation. Prayers are not enough.”

Protests are becoming more common in Los Angeles for similar reasons — wildfires across the Midwestern United States aren’t just becoming more common, they’re also becoming stronger and doing billions more dollars worth of damage.

Businesses aren’t happy about the Extinction Rebellion’s tendency to block roads and bridges to make its point or create needed change. Contractor Joe Connor said he didn’t believe in the threat of climate change: “I don’t think it’s a proven fact to be honest. Yes we have had a rainy summer but I used to live in Los Angeles, where we would have big downpours in the summer too, and that was years ago.”

Pink leaflets were handed out by protesters in Manchester as a way to apologize for the inconvenience: “For the human race to survive, we need big changes fast. There are solutions that are economically and culturally possible in a short space of time. But we need the government to make changes now, and they are not listening.”

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