Countdown Until Election Day 2020: Protesting Trump’s Strategy

You may have noticed that Democrats and Republicans adopt increasingly different strategies when it comes to winning elections: Democrats try to get out the vote while Republicans try to suppress the right kind of vote. Generally speaking, Democrats and left-leaning Independents outnumber Republicans and right-leaning Independents. That means that a high voter turnout usually signifies a blue wave. Democrats are hoping for that wave to wash over Trump this year — which is what looks most likely to happen.

Republicans are fighting to allow guns at the polls, which combined with poll-watching techniques — which were illegal during the last election — should amount to a significant amount of voter intimidation. Add to this the fact that Trump is doing his best to manipulate his voting block to believe that mail-in voting amounts to fraud (even though that’s how he votes), and you have a recipe for legal battles after this Election Day.

Many of us have been personally damaged by this administration’s actions. While we cannot litigate against Trump as an individual, we can sue the government as a whole. It’s unfortunate that a personal injury or work accident attorney isn’t enough to obtain compensatory damages for the financial harm that has been done, but there are other avenues to fight back beyond litigation. One of those is good old-fashioned protest!

It’s expected that Trump will make a valiant attempt to dismiss any votes cast after Election Day. That would negate much of the blue wave because most Democrats plan to vote by mail while most Republicans plan to vote in person. Should Trump be successful, many other groups of people won’t be able to vote. This includes the armed forces — which have increasingly abandoned Trump — and certain U.S. territories.

It’s important to note that Trump only won in 2016 by a slim 70,000 vote margin. Without the armed forces, suburbs, and women, he would have lost by a landslide.

Many Los Angeles communities will see an increased police presence in the days following the election, in part because Trump’s comments practically invite violence and unrest. Should he find a way to delegitimize or delay the results, the city expects protests. Considering what’s at stake, no one would be surprised to see some of these turn violent. The same precautionary steps are being taken in several other cities, including New York.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “We are very prepared for the election, but at the same time I don’t want to buy into a narrative that there’s going to be chaos during our election. We prepare for the worst, but we are hoping and expecting generally the best. There may be individual instances, we’ll see some stuff around the country, but don’t let any of that change the narrative of you, your right to vote.”

“Law enforcement isn’t and oftentimes by law allowed to be right at an election site,” he added, “because…that’s not the sort of country we live in. But they are available to protect our rights when we need them should anybody through violence or other means try to take that away.”

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