Anti-Trans Bills Sweeping The Country

A recent Supreme Court ruling guarantees certain kinds of protections for trans individuals in the workplace. The ruling says that the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity from being fired simply for existing and prevents landlords from barring them from properties for the same reason. The landmark Equality Act would fortify those protections in modern law.

But those protections might not be enough to protect our trans kids.

Regional and state-sanctioned bills have been introduced in the last few months — dozens of them — which would bar trans kids from playing on the male or female sports teams aligned with their own gender identity. These bills are advocated on the basis of “fairness.” But since when do Republicans care about that? We live in America, where capitalism thrives and the super rich are rewarded simply for having more money than the rest of us. 

Eleventh grade student Eli Bundy missed class on February 23 to testify to a South Carolina House Subcommittee on one of the aforementioned bills.

They’re sixteen. Bundy said, “They didn’t want to hear from us. I think that’s part of the reason why they weren’t more accommodating — they didn’t want to sit through that.”

Senior executive adviser at GLSEN Eliza Byard said, “The incredible well of youth activism that has been at the vanguard of the LGBTQ progress for the last 30 to 40 years continues to push back in new ways…It continues today, and I feel very confident given what I’ve seen over the years that these advocates will prevail.”

Bundy says that the conservative push for discriminatory legislation demanded their response. They said, “In my case, it feels like a necessity. I feel like I can’t afford to not pay attention, because it’s my life and the life of my friends on the line, and that feels like much too high of a cost not to be paying attention to, even though it definitely can be very painful.”

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